Luke Osgothorpe, founder of Empire Electrical Services

Luke Osgothorpe has been operating successfully in and around Dorset since founding Empire Electrical Services in 2007. Having always had a keen interest in electrics, Luke was eager to get started in the industry from a young age. He certainly got off to a good start and even earned himself apprentice of the year 1993. During these early years, Luke gained much experience in all sectors of the electrical field.

It wasn’t long before Luke realised there was a gap in the business for high quality, affordable, efficient and customer focused electrical services.

But most importantly, a service that enables the customer to deal directly with the tradesman that will be carrying out the work, and feel comfortable at all steps of the process from design to completion, with complete transparency on cost all the way.

Empire Electrical Services

At Empire Electrical Services we understand that it can be difficult for domestic customers to find the right electrical contractor. Where you can be assured of the right level of professionalism?

Will the price be practical for the size of the job? We offer a large range of home electrical services at affordable prices and a friendly, customer orientated service. With our 24 hour emergency callout service ready to help with any electrical problem, we can solve any of your home problems with speed and expertise.

Contact us now for professional electrical solutions.